Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev

No To War

Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev was born on 22 August 1986 in Makhachkala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. In his youth he showed interest in music, and his family supported his creative aspirations.

Musical education

To develop his musical talent, Elbrus decided to receive professional education. He entered the A. Akhmedjanov Music School, where he successfully completed the vocal department.

The beginning of his musical career

Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev began his career in 2006, performing at various events and concerts in his native Dagestan and neighbouring regions. Soon his talent was noticed by producers and he was offered a contract with a music label.

Success and popularity

Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev was able to win the love and recognition of listeners thanks to his voice and charisma. His songs, performed in a modern style with elements of national music, quickly found their fans. One of the most famous hits of Elbrus is the song “Tramp”, which became a real hit and won the hearts of many listeners.

Concerts and tours

Over time, the popularity of Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev grew, and he began to arrange tours in various cities of Russia and neighbouring countries. His concerts gather full halls, and his songs are played on many radio stations.

Personal life

Elbrus Dzhanmirzoev always tries to keep his personal life secret from the public, preferring to share only professional news and achievements. He is married and has children, who are rarely shown to the public

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