Stray Kids

No To War

It is a group from South Korea, consisting of very young guys. The line-up of the group was formed after a casting call from the record company “JYP Entertainment”. The members of the group are Changbin, Lee Noh, Woojin, Hyunjin, I.N., Bang Chan, Han, Seungmin, and Felix.

Activity is a musical group

Date and place of birth. Ban Chan – 1997, Sydney. Woojin – 1997, Tengjon. Changbin – 1999, Yongyin. Hyeongjin – 2000, Las Vegas. Han – 2000, Incheon. Felix – 2000, Sydney. Seungmin – 2000, Seoul
Height. Bang Chan – 172 cm. Woojin, 174 cm. Changbin – 167 cm. Hyeonjin, 5’7″. Han – 172 cm. Felix – 178 cm. Seugmin – 175cm.

Early years

The project was launched in 2017.

The leader of the group is Ban Chan. He is a producer, perfectly reads rap, plays musical instruments, and is fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Uzhdin practised martial arts professionally before his passion for music, and since joining the band he has mastered playing piano and guitar.

Chan has a passion for writing arrangements for songs, and his main support in life is his older sister, with whom he is very close.

Hengjin is a great dancer, previously thought about a career as a professional choreographer. He has a good command of English.

Han is the leading voice of the group. Before joining the group, he received an excellent education in Malaysia, speaks good English, composes his own songs and music.

Felix is responsible for the dance accompaniment in the band

Felix is in charge of the dance chaperone in the group. This young man is a practising Catholic. Before becoming a professional musician, Felix practised martial arts, with the main emphasis on Taekwondo. He is ranked 34th in the ranking of the most beautiful young people from South Korea.

Seungmin is a vocalist. His favourite sport is baseball. Like the other guys in the collective, he is fluent in English.


The official debut of the group took place in 2017. In the same year, their very first mini album “Mixtape” was released. There were only 7 musical compositions in this album.

In March 2018, the band prepared for the release of a new compilation, which was called “I Am Not”. Several video clips were filmed for the songs from it.

Following these albums, two more records were released – “I Am Who” and “I Am You”.


Despite the fact that the collective Stray Kids is still relatively young, the guys have already managed to win popularity and love of listeners.

Songs from their debut mini-album rose to the top of the music charts. The video for the song “My Pace” broke all records in terms of views. Only for the first day the clip was watched by about 8 million people.

To date, the band is actively touring, recording new songs, the guys star in video clips, win prestigious music awards. The group is popular not only in South Korea, the guys have admirers all over the world.

Personal life

Many Korean performers sign contracts with agencies that promote them. One of the lines in the contract is a clause that says that performers are not allowed to get married, have children or have personal relationships.

This applies to the boyband Stray Kids as well. About their personal life before they joined the group, young people do not spread.

Thus, performers from Korea today are becoming popular all over the world. This is not surprising, because Koreans really know how to work on the image of musicians, create easy and pleasant to hear songs, shoot high-quality videos. The band Stray Kids is a vivid proof of that.

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