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Name Marik – (Marik Marakesh)
Date and place of birth – 16 August 1990 Minsk.
Height, weight – 198cm, 85kg
Profession – Soloist of UNNV band
Marital status – Single
Instagram link – @mesalviamaria

Marik Marakesh is the lead vocalist and leader of the young Belarusian rap group “UNNV” (Убиты, Но Не Вами – “Killed, But Not By You”). He is known for his distinctive style and memorable voice, which has endeared him to the audience.

His voice reflects the true essence of genuine MCs, authentic culture, and hardcore hip-hop from Belarus. Marik can skillfully manipulate his voice, making him unique as an artist. The primary goal of the group is to produce high-quality rap music, rather than pursuing profit or fame. This is evident in the lack of information about the group on the internet. They independently organize their concerts twice a year, in September and February, attracting around three thousand attendees. These performers write and sing songs for themselves, creating what they love, and gladly sharing their energetic performances with the audience.

Fans eagerly anticipate the release of Marik’s solo album. They demand a solo album from the musician persistently. Each new track is met with approval and sparks lively discussions on the official group page.


Marik gained popularity after founding the group “UNNV” in 2010. The group was formed by three relatively unknown artists at that time, who published their works under the pseudonyms Crash, Marik Marakesh, and Anq. Artem Artty was invited as the group’s beatmaker by the founders.

The group’s first album, titled “Чернь” (“Chern”), was released in 2010 and featured 16 compositions that resonated with enthusiasts of this style of music, becoming favorites among the group’s fans.

For the soloists of “UNNV,” it was unexpected that their group’s music would be so well-received by listeners, given their relatively niche and specific style. Each track is infused with a particular meaning that they communicate to the audience. Through their songs, the artists share stories of the hardships in life, drug and alcohol use, and harsh realities. Their music does not advocate drug use; rather, it portrays the dreadful life that a state of intoxication brings. Many fans in the official VKontakte group share stories of how UNNV’s music has assisted them in overcoming addiction, with successful results in many cases.

The group gained even more popularity after the release of albums like “О’дно” (“Odno”), “Вонючие рифмы” (“Stinky Rhymes”), and “Черная кассета” (“Black Cassette”). Some of their most popular tracks include “Без даты” (“Without a Date”), “Убиты но не вами” (“Killed, But Not By You”), and “Мне так не хватает твоей красоты” (“I Miss Your Beauty So Much”).

Interesting Facts

  1. Marik Marakesh is renowned for his original style of rapping in hip-hop and rap music. Fans of the musicians know that “UNNV” stands for “Убит, Но Не Вами” (“Killed, But Not By You”). One of their songs is dedicated to the group’s name.
  2. Their tracks are filled with situations the rappers have experienced personally. They confess to their fans that music helps them cope with various problems and dependencies.
  3. The group stands out with a unique and relatable charm. Their music is characterized by originality and diversity. Each composition carries meaningful messages that greatly inspire their fans.
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