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Name Xcho – (Khacho Dunamalyan)
Date and place of birth – 09.06.2001
City – Vanadzor, Armenia
Profession – Singer
Marital status – single
Instagram link –

Who is this

Khacho Dunamalyan is a famous young singer. At the moment he is 18 years old. He independently writes lyrics of the songs he performs. Every day the popularity of the singer is growing more and more, although the young man has just started his career.

Early years

Xcho was born in the city of Vanadzor in Armenia. The hometown of the singer is quite small, so the success of the performer there learnt immediately. Xcho began to make his first steps in musical creativity in his school years. At school No. 10, where the singer studied, he got his first fans. Khacho managed to master Russian and English languages perfectly. The singer also speaks Armenian perfectly, as it is his native language.


Widespread popularity of the singer Xcho brought his songs “This is not love” and “When you are near”. Fans have highly praised his track “With her I am”. In Vienna 2019, the singer released a new song “I can fly”, which became popular not only in Armenia and Russia, but also around the world in a few months. Absolutely all of the singer’s tracks are freely available on the social networks “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”, as well as on the Apple Music platform.

Recently, the performer has fully devoted himself to musical creativity. He writes lyrics for his future hits and records new songs in studios. Very soon the author plans to make his fans happy with a new track, the name of which is still unknown. Recently, the singer founded his brand and actively promotes it. In Instagram and other social networks Xcho has more and more indifferent subscribers.

In Instagram, the singer has his own hashtag (#Dunamalyanchiki), under which more than a hundred posts are marked. Most of them belong to subscribers.

The performer managed to promote his creativity thanks to Instagram. The singer’s posts collect several thousand likes and almost 50 thousand views. And here in the social network “Vkontakte” on the page Hacho is subscribed to more than seven thousand people. These numbers are growing every day, because the singer is becoming more and more popular.

Personal life

About the personal life of the performer Xcho is known a little. In social networks, he often exhibits photos with his family. Sometimes on the page of the singer there are photos with his mother, which fans often confuse with the sister of the performer. Also Khacho does not hide from subscribers his younger brother Hamlet and father, to whom the singer is very similar.

Hacho has a lot of female fans who would like to start a relationship with the young performer. However, no girl was seen in the photos with the singer. Despite the fact that Hacho sings exclusively about love, he does not talk about the presence of a beloved soul mate. Once he told subscribers that he would like a decent and intelligent girl. She should be beautiful and cheerful. But a girl who is not distinguished by modesty and judgement, he would not tolerate.

Fans of the singer still can not understand whether the singer writes the lyrics of his songs about love, based on personal experience or only for the sake of creativity. Xcho does not plan to tell about it and keeps his personal life a secret.

On the official page of the singer on the site “Vkontakte” is the status ” While you are jealous, I’m going to my goal”. Khacho’s acquaintances and friends say that this is the principle by which the singer lives. He knows what he wants and moves relentlessly towards the result. The singer does not pay attention to envious people and gives his all to his work.

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